UX Researcher



Hey, I’m Emily 👋

I’m a user experience researcher who is driven by complex challenges. You’ve probably heard that a lot, but what really drives me is how little we understand people and the way they interact with experiences, products, and services. I am also driven by the desire to find great iced coffee, but that’s another topic entirely.

I discovered the wonderful world of user experience during my undergrad at the University of Waterloo where I studied an interdisciplinary arts, science and design program called Knowledge Integration. Knowledge inte-what? I learned a lot from the program including communication, design thinking and project management skills.

I initially thought I wanted to go into UX design but I eventually discovered that my true passion lies in user research, understanding people and the problems they face before coming up with a solution.

In my spare time I enjoy…

💪 Putting myself through intense workouts

👏 Crafting the attendee experience for the first ever UX Research conference in North America

🎨 Hand painting thank you cards

🚴 Biking around town to avoid the TTC